Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Hmm, the archive got a mention on monoblogue.us, which is pretty cool:


Also, check out Terry Cohen's website created to coincide with her bid for Salisbury City Council:


Recently, I had the pleasure of speaking at length with Mr. Pete Cooper, a local celebrity-of-sorts from Salisbury. He actually read to me a chapter from his book "Engineer in War and Peace" which was fascinating. I have been able to obtain a copy and his lengthy discourse on the creation of the Downtown Plaza in '68 is very interesting. Apparently the plaza was designed around the time the old mall was to be opened, in an effort to compete -- old news, I know. What I didn't know, though, was the bricks that make up parts of the path were from the old train station.

I spent some time down in the plaza recently and it really is a great area. I remember going down there when I was younger, when Hess and Woolworth's were still open. There was a great vintage shop on a side street called 23 Skidoo; sadly it has since closed. It's sad to see all the work put into the design of Main Street hasn't really allowed for sustainability into the 21st century, but alas with commercial growth something is bound to be left behind.

I know Pete isn't pleased with the amount up upkeep (or lack there of) but it has survived the old mall, which is something, I guess. I hope at some point, though, the plaza experiences a renaissance -- it has so much potential.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Scenes from the Old Mall


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