Saturday, October 21, 2006

The Real Story Lies Within The Details...

I've been documenting this old mall for a few months now and it wasn't until today that I noticed the minor details around the building. The cement has crumbled around where the curbs once were. A bus stop sign still lingers around the West Mall's entrance. The hours are still posted next to Sears. If you look through the side entrance above said sign, you can actually see into the side corridor leading to the back parking entrance.

I also took more time today taking photos, discovering different angles that I hadn't shot before. The mall sits low on the eastern side, something I didn't realized. The scale of the mall seems much larger from far away. The Hecht Co. building especially just seems so small up close. I took a photo from the front door but it didn't pick up anything beyond cob webs and a pillar.

On my way home, I ran into Susan from the SU Library which was totally cool. She helped me out big time when I first started my microfilm research.

I have set a goal to have this completed by Summer 2007. Hopefully I can document everything between now and then.


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