Thursday, October 19, 2006

How it all began.

The Daily Times ran and ad asking for laborers to arrive at the mall site on Glen and Civic Avenues in July of 1967 for a mexican-style lunch and a quick ground-breaking. That was almost 40 years ago; imagine how much has changed.

I am 26 years old. I grew up in Milford, Delaware. A few months ago, while traveling (the long way) home to my father's home, I decided to take a detour through Salisbury and search out the old mall. I had last been there in 1999. It seemed empty, almost sad. Antique stores and a karate school lined the east wing. But there wasn't anything else. You can imagine my dismay when I discovered the mall once again on that August night, boarded up, shut down and basically left for dead.

So, I did my homework and I quickly discovered that if I didn't archive something about this building, it would fade into the "remember when..." segment of Sunday-evening dinners, and even that was questionable.

With that said, I am working toward a reasonable goal of creating— a documentary of sorts that will hopefully tell the final tale of this once-great Delmarva establishment.

Initially, I started out big. I called WBOC. Nothing. (It's not like they're just one of two TV stations ON THE SHORE) I called The Daily Times. No call back. I've haggled and begged and nothing really came of it. So, after taking the advice of a wise sage, I posted an ad on And it worked. Slowly, but surely, I've received email after email retelling memories, many of which matched mine. So if grassroots is how I need to do this, so be it. It's often better that way.

So, if you have a story to tell, contact me. If you information you want to offer, without your name being attached, contact me. I need photos, and memories. I need boring job descriptions and random dating disasters — just something that will last longer than dust that will fill the air over Glen and Civic when the Salisbury Mall meets its fate.

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Welcome, friends, to The Salisbury Mall Archive.


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