Monday, January 29, 2007

From the parking lot


Blogger G®@pHïX said...

How'd you get those inside shots?

That would be awesome to explore the ghost walls. Especially where the bathroom murder took place.

Anyhoo - You posted on your site that you tried to contact the Daily Times and got nothing. The guy to talk to there is the History photo guru Brice Stump! He's a freak about that kind of stuff, if anyone has some ol' shore photos on anything, he would. Just call the Times and ask for Brice Stump.

3:28 PM  
Blogger salisburymallarchive said...

Eh, I've already been down that route.

I've searched A-Z ... archives, The Times, microfilm, libraries, Pete Cooper .. you name it.

Linda Kent and Terry Cohen have actually been invaluable resources (and so cool to converse with) so I guess it's coming along.

Re: the interior shots- before the windows were boarded over, there were spots that weren't covered by paint and I would angle my lens and just shoot. Center court from the East Mall was from a big square opening in the door, and the corridor near Hecht's was from a hole in the glass. I haven't been in the old mall since 1999 -- but I'd kill to go back in one last time.

5:26 PM  

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